Trillion has developed a PaaS and SaaS platform that is unique in the industry. This cloud based platform inherits all salient features of the cloud such as cost-effectiveness, reliability, metering/charge-back, multi-tenancy, elasticity as well as security. In addition, it is very easily extensible for rapid vertical development.

The platform provides various services such as data management, content management, collaboration, advertisement, analytics, streaming and many more. Please contact Trillion for details on how you can leverage this product for your business.

Trillion has also developed an enterprise level streaming solution unmatched in the current market. It allows live insertion of ads and is extremely scalable and customizable due to its unique distributed and pluggable architecture based on open-source as well as commercial applications. This solution can be applied in multiple applications and industries including government, online education, movie industry, medical industry, enterprises or companies, television and broadcasting and shopping.

It supports Digital Rights Management (DRM), Strong encryption technology, Advertisement injection technology, Security, Collaboration, Content management, Demographic/Geographic profile management and data mining system. It is an End-to-end streaming solution based on Protocol used is multicast with RTSP (real time service provider) over http and can handle enterprise level capacity. Some of the application areas included:

We are in an exciting development phase to build a product combining our strengths in Domain Name Registration, Advertising and Video Streaming. Some of the features

Trillion LMS is a scalable system that provides a total and complete foundation for all aspects of e-learning. With a our LMS, you can assess, plan, deliver, manage, and improve both self-paced and instructor-led training processes. The Trillion LMS provides an easy-to-use and economical solution to companies who need to implement advanced administration, reporting, assessment, and collaborative communication capabilities. A highly scalable system, you can start with a small pilot project and easily upgrade to a load-balanced, enterprise-wide solution. Trillion LMS handles and controls the delivery of self-paced, instructor led, e-learning courses.

Latest News

Trillion sponsored 5th Cloud computing Summit 2012 held on 11th May 2012 at Taj Residency (M.G. Road), Bangalore.

Watch this space for updates on the official launch of a Cloud based PaaS and SaaS platform targeting multiple verticals